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Introducing our founder, Hattie Grover. She is a bubbly ball of energy with over 10 years of teaching experience under her belt. Her love of movement began when she started dancing, training in numerous dance styles before specialising in Contemporary and Breaking. She went on to attain her level 2 & 3 personal training and began teaching for Nike as a Nike Training Club Trainer, before moving onto Gymbox where her aerial journey began. Hattie’s first aerial taster was in 2015 when she signed up for a Circus Fit Flyers Teacher Training course with Gymbox.

 “I was in awe of the way instructors on the course were able to lift, maneuver, and hold their body weight in the air with such ease! It was both incredible & humbling at the same time, and that was it...I was 1000% sold!"

Since passing this teacher training course she has literally thrown herself into mastering multiple aerial disciplines and taught hundreds of people how to fly. It is a job she has an incredible passion for and is fully committed to sharing with anyone because in her words "Nothing beats that high when you fly". For this reason and so many more, she has founded High with Hattie. If Hattie can't turn your frown upside down, then the circus skills you'll learn in class definitely will!

Meet Hattie

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